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Rivers: Alisales, Bobo, Guamuez, Juanambú, Opongoy, Pasto, Patascoy.


Lagoons: La Cocha (Lake Guamuez), Coba Negra.




Volcanoes: Galleys.


Galeras is a volcano located nine kilometers from the city of Pasto, capital of the department of Nariño, Colombia. It is considered the most active volcano in Colombia, with abundant historical records of eruptions since the 16th century and, given its proximity to the urban area of ​​Pasto, it was listed as one of the sixteen volcanoes of the decade, one of the most dangerous on the planet. due to the susceptibility of causing a disaster.


The elevation of the summit is 4,276 meters above sea level (14,029 feet) (Galeras Military Base); stratovolcano-calderic type of volcano; antiquity greater than 5000 years; base diameter 20 km; boiler depth 80 m; main crater diameter 320 m diameter; it has other smaller surrounding craters; it does not present glaciers; total volume of the volcanic edifice not yet calculated.

Hills: Campanero, Caballo Rucio, Bordoncillo, Morasurco, Pan de Azúcar, Patascoy, El Oso, Tacines.

Upper basin of the Pasto River: 23,515 hectares of forest.

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